1. Welcome to the future of gun control, which will mean no damn control at all after 3D printing takes off! Guns for the masses! Excited?

    Read more about the guy who “printed” a working Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle from home for $30, not including the cost of his Stratasys 3D printer.

    Isn’t it funny how the federal government and the gun manufacturers might helplessly and perversely find themselves on the same side of the gun control debate in the future? Well, until the gun companies figure out how to make loot by pimping designs instead of hardware…

    song currently stuck in my head: “bohemia after dark” – sahib shihab

    h/t – Popular Science

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    Not compete. You can only produce the lower so you still have to buy everything else. They also aren’t vary strong.
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    Reblogging ‘cause reasons. On further analysis, it’d be fun to “print” a batch of these and stamp the Tediore logo on...
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    Pretty freaking cool. On On
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    he only printed the lower. you still need all the metal parts. if you were going to make this picture how about using a...
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    I really don’t think that the American government is ever going to be smart enough to realize that guns aren’t...
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    i wanted one of those printers so i could print plushies but now im scared cant we just make it so that until the world...
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    >implying one can print a 1300+$ reflex sight
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