1. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz could be renamed “The Sucio Redemption” if the book was adapted for film. Diaz’ book has been named a 2012 National Book Award finalist for good reason…


  2. More about the “magical” voting machine that turns every vote for President Obama into one for Romney on MSNBC….


  3. General Colin Powell endorses President Obama for reelection.

    Powell’s phrase, “I’m not quite sure which Governor Romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy” is a euphemism for “I’m afraid the Governor has a multiple personality disorder!”

    [Laughing] Think about it – your boss would forcibly remove you from your cubicle and put you in a rubber room if you changed your mind as often as Romney hasbut he’s still in the running to take the world’s most powerful gig!

    Question – does the General’s stamp of approval matter at this point?

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  4. Donald Trump’s major announcement regarding Barack Obama.

    I love the part where he says “[T]o my satisfaction…”

    At least he addressed our President as “Mr. President.”


  5. Romney says jihadists are the enemy during last night's presidential debate baye kambui blog tumblr mental unrest

    Romney’s ideas from last night’s debate either sounded like Islamophobia, or it sounded like the food Islamophobia loves to eat.

    In either case, I don’t consider Romney’s ‘Jihadists are the enemy’ ideas a huge ideological departure since Romney’s vision has an eerie similarity to 2002 — a vision whose incarnation last decade encouraged many Americans to support a war that killed over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians including women and children.

    Time warp foreign policy – particularly the kind that has proven to create more enemies, resentment and thus place America in greater danger – will only support a manic and recurring prophetic theme

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  6. This is America, and whether you vote for President Obama or Governor Romney this November 6 is ultimately your right, but why do some of you act as if the country has banned free education for the past 50 years?

    More about Leakey, Texas’ Pastor Ray Miller of Church in the Valley and his “Vote for the Mormon, Not the Muslim” sign from San Antonio’s KENS 5 News…


  7. President Obama’s performance during last week’s debate against Mitt Romney and the expectation of some people that Paul Ryan will mop the floor with Vice President Joe Biden during tonight’s verbal joust reminds me of the very early days of my professional life when I was interviewed by company recruiters and I would constantly receive feedback that I didn’t appear enthusiastic during these conversations – to blazes with how well I may have answered the questions presented or how much I knew about these companies. The expectation was that I would sit at the edge of my seat with a wide-eyed look as if I was down to give the interviewer a lap dance if getting exotic meant I had a shot at landing the gig. Leaning back in the chair and speaking in a thoughtful, mellow tone made my audience think hard about whether or not they should stuff money in my vest.

    Like it or not, we live in a semaphoric society of cobbled short attention spans where flashy displays mean damn-near everything – just make sure you don’t flash for too long since doing so runs contrary to the other societal custom of making quick conclusions from only seconds of data and almost no factual detail. President Obama would’ve fetched better numbers if sang his message to Romney last week.

    I understand, Messrs. President and Vice President. There’s no need to tell me what you’re thinking right now. I get it, and I won’t write it. Nevertheless, the amount of money spent so far makes it easy to conclude you guys really want these gigs, which means you better reach for the stilettos and start dancing for the next three weeks…

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  8. mitt romney sucks pass it on

    Worth repeating: Mitt Romney sucks. Pass it on…

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  9. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Consider this Mitt Romney’s foreign policy video resume…

    Source: NBC Meet the Press



  11. Ha, You can see the ‘thanks’ in Obama’s hug…

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  12. Bloomberg’s First Black President Can’t Help Blacks Stem Wealth Drop article seems incomplete at best since the issues surrounding black’s wealth disparity have deeply rooted origins, not the least of which involves decades of poor social policy.

    Solving the wealth problem requires a level of painful examination that I’m not sure America is ready to take on…

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  13. Hmm…I wonder what was the target of Mitt Romney’s birth certificate joke…?


  14. This is about as relevant as Paul Ryan having daydreams of wrestling Japanese twins in axle grease with Strom Thurmond as his running buddy…


  15. You should know, Congresswoman Bachmann…

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