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    1. Change its oil trade terms to exclusively accept US dollars
    2. Recognize Israel’s existence
    3. Participate in big, expensive ceremony where they officially pledge to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes, followed by making symbolic pact signatures

    Condition #1 matters most; the remaining two conditions would look good for the media to report…

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  2. Apologies, I promised to discuss Syria when I posted my Iran thoughts last Saturday, but I didn’t mean to wait until Wednesday afternoon!

    Let me bring your attention to a YouTube video I posted to my Facebook page last week. Turkish is far from my native language, but my painfully crude translation of the captions and narration confirms the video’s positioning as the Free Syrian Army’s attack against Syrian troops – from the Turkey side of the border! The Turkish refugee camps apparently served as the base of operations.

    Turkey’s strong condemnation of Syria’s insurgent crackdown – while taking into account the assumed legitimacy of the video and hearing no complaints from Turkey about the cross-border attacks – tells me that Syria remains in the crosshairs of a proposed NATO Bomb Everything to Save Humanity and to Enable Regime Change mission. All we need now is for Syria to be provoked into a war, and Turkey permitting these attacks could be the trick.

    I said a while ago that the Turkish rebellion has become a surrogate war against Iran while innocent civilians suffer. Of course the bigger goal is to leave Saudi Arabia as the unquestioned leader of the region since the Kingdom is friendlier to Western interests. My guess is that war planners are hedging bets at this point. If Iran cannot be directly attacked, then a war against Iran’s surrogates and otherwise friends is open game since doing so weakens Iran’s regional influence. The next few weeks will tell us if Turkey and its NATO buddies’ collaborative recollection of the facts will accuse Syria of war-like provocations…

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  3. Hillary Clinton Iran Nuclear Capability, Kambui Tumblr Blog

    This is not subtle stuff. The previous US policy was to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just scratched that idea and said the US will prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons capability.

    In other words, the US does not want Iran to have nuclear power, even though Iran’s program has not broken any international law – without Iran receiving more than a fistful of incoming missiles.

    Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allows for uranium enrichment up to 20 percent. All estimates say Iran has complied with that provision. Building a weapon requires 80% enrichment, but some will argue that an ambitious weapons fiend can make a less-efficient dirty bomb with 20% or less.

    Running with the rationale du jour means Brazil, Japan and South Africa could get bombed if they have cross words with the US since all three countries have nuclear power plants, tested their ability to make nuclear weapons but vowed to never build a nuke. At this point, Iran can wind down all activity and confine their research to one lab at the university of their choosing and still be eligible for a bombing campaign.

    Meanwhile, even President Obama and members of his team do not believe Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

    Do we just want to throw-down or what?

    After all this war talk, who would be surprised if Iran finally decided to build one?

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  4. netanyahu to visit obama in US regarding Iran attack Kambui Tumblr Blog

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Washington to squeeze President Barack Obama for a commitment to attack Iran or else Israel will do the deed, and – as speculation goes – before the US Presidential elections in November to cripple Obama’s chances of getting reelected.

    Yeah, it’s strange how the US arrived at this point, but there is also something strange about the Netanyahu ultimatum. Wouldn’t Israel simply attack without publicly asking for US assistance, assuming Israel felt compelled to attack and and is capable of doing so? The question makes me think furious diplomatic activity is happening as I write. Of course there are no guarantees for a negotiating breakthrough.

    I’ll have much more to say about this needless conflict-in-the-making later. I’m trying to hit the bed early for once…

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  5. My Obama and Netanyahu Tweets

    My Tweet today:

    Reminds me of my Tweet three days earlier:

    The “crush” I referred to earlier will begin with a squeeze…

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  6. IAEA Says Iran Talks Fail on Denied Request

    This is not good.

    Bloomberg reports that The International Atomic Energy Agency was denied access by Iran to visit the country’s Parchin military base as a means of verifying whether or not Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

    Sooooo, expect an increase in the talk of war and the price of gas.

    I keep asking myself “Why did Iran refuse? Do they have something to hide, or is denying the inspection request a matter of principle?”

    My question may sound idiotic, but don’t you see the eerie parallel between the current Iran situation and the events leading to the Iraq War? Saddam Hussein also refused requests for weapons inspections during the months preceding the US invasion of his country. Iraq clearly had nothing to hide since the US could not find Hussein’s supposed weapons of mass destruction after Shock and Awe. Perhaps Hussein – as contemptible a human being as he was – did not want to be treated like a little boy on the world stage, even if his desire for respect risked his cities being bombed.

    US Navy Kambui Tumblr Blog

    The story about nukes in Iran’s Parchin is not new and there has been no reliable data that supports the “Iran Is Building Nukes” accusation since 2003, the year when Iran was reported to have abruptly stopped its nuclear weapons development program.

    That’s why I keep asking “Why did Iran refuse…?”

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  7. Iran cuts oil exports to EU Kambui Tumblr

    Remember when I said that Iran could cut oil exports if the EU carries out that suicidal embargo?

    Well, it happened.

    Iran aimed the export cuts at the EU’s most economically vulnerable countries: Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.

    Plus, Moody’s round of ratings downgrades across Europe doesn’t help matters.

    The US’ investment positions in Europe are large enough to make this episode perversely interesting…

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