1. I’m dubious of the attitude that says there is no salvation outside GMOs.

    From Herve Guyomard, scientific director for agriculture at France’s National Institute for Agronomical Research (INRA). Quote captured by AlertNet article “EU Farmers Lose Out As Consumers Oppose GMOs


  2. The odds are just not in favor of small-scale agriculture

    Dante Hesse, owner of Milk Thistle Farm — New York-based organic milk producer.

    Milk Thistle Farm has closed.

    (Source: The New York Times)


  3. We have a government that says it’s okay to eat Twinkies and Cocoa Puffs and Mountain Dew, but it’s illegal to drink raw milk and eat compost-grown tomatoes and Aunt Matilda’s pickles.
    — From sustainable farmer Joel Salatin. Quote captured by Amy Eddings on WNYC Culture blog.