1. One. I dig smartphones, but I’m sometimes tempted to buy an additional small phone whose only function is to make calls – except that would mean carrying two devices and feeling like Gadget Man…

    Two. Do you think France’s concern about Islamic terrorism in Mali outweighs France’s interest in having unobstructed access to uranium in Mali and neighboring Niger?

    Three. This is almost funny – how can the NRA interpret New York State’s new assault weapons ban as an assault on Second Amendment rights when the Second Amendment was written more than 100 years before assault weapons became a wet dream come true?

    Four. Hearing about the NYC dude who was crushed to death after he took a dump between moving subway cars sparks my recurring doubts about humans…

    Five. Iran’s Supreme Leader once again says his decree still stands, which forbids his country from developing nuclear weapons. So, when is Iran getting invaded?

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  2. Nicolas Sarkozy made the right moves politically on the road to the presidency. But then came so many wrong moves in office, starting on the night of his election triumph when he celebrated with rich supporters at one of Paris’s most expensive restaurants before jetting off to continue partying on the big yacht of a billionaire businessman.

    This set the tone for his tenure. He gave himself a 140 per cent pay rise, taking his annual salary above £300,000, then used state funds for late payment fines on his utility bills and £660 a day on fresh flowers. He reduced taxes on the rich, which backfired when financial meltdown struck a year into his term.


    Mail Online summarizes the office-spending habits of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, before he was voted out of office last night in favor of Francois Hollande.

    There *is* no Austerity, nor Recession for that matter, in the Palais de l’Élysée.

    The USD 100,000 ovens to make the baguettes made me curious though…

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  4. I’m dubious of the attitude that says there is no salvation outside GMOs.

    From Herve Guyomard, scientific director for agriculture at France’s National Institute for Agronomical Research (INRA). Quote captured by AlertNet article “EU Farmers Lose Out As Consumers Oppose GMOs