1. It feels like only last week that we celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday. We continue to celebrate his life, but in death today.

    Hearing “The King of War is Dead,” or the “King of Hate is Dead” or “The King of Genocide is Dead” offers no ironic or heavyweight labeling since many of us understand how living by the sword can yield a predictably violent end.

    But Nina Simone said “The King of Love is Dead.”

    Meditate on that while you take in Nina’s full live version of Martin tribute…


  2. Hillary Clinton Iran Nuclear Capability, Kambui Tumblr Blog

    This is not subtle stuff. The previous US policy was to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just scratched that idea and said the US will prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons capability.

    In other words, the US does not want Iran to have nuclear power, even though Iran’s program has not broken any international law – without Iran receiving more than a fistful of incoming missiles.

    Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allows for uranium enrichment up to 20 percent. All estimates say Iran has complied with that provision. Building a weapon requires 80% enrichment, but some will argue that an ambitious weapons fiend can make a less-efficient dirty bomb with 20% or less.

    Running with the rationale du jour means Brazil, Japan and South Africa could get bombed if they have cross words with the US since all three countries have nuclear power plants, tested their ability to make nuclear weapons but vowed to never build a nuke. At this point, Iran can wind down all activity and confine their research to one lab at the university of their choosing and still be eligible for a bombing campaign.

    Meanwhile, even President Obama and members of his team do not believe Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

    Do we just want to throw-down or what?

    After all this war talk, who would be surprised if Iran finally decided to build one?

    song currently stuck in my head: “feel me” - cameo


  3. netanyahu to visit obama in US regarding Iran attack Kambui Tumblr Blog

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting Washington to squeeze President Barack Obama for a commitment to attack Iran or else Israel will do the deed, and – as speculation goes – before the US Presidential elections in November to cripple Obama’s chances of getting reelected.

    Yeah, it’s strange how the US arrived at this point, but there is also something strange about the Netanyahu ultimatum. Wouldn’t Israel simply attack without publicly asking for US assistance, assuming Israel felt compelled to attack and and is capable of doing so? The question makes me think furious diplomatic activity is happening as I write. Of course there are no guarantees for a negotiating breakthrough.

    I’ll have much more to say about this needless conflict-in-the-making later. I’m trying to hit the bed early for once…

    song currently stuck in my head: “deep river in her voice” - karmu daahoud