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  3. TANO - APRIL 15


    One. A huge, drooling Turner and Hooch-looking dog walked into the elevator while I was eating an apple and did this

    Two. How’s this for thinking the unthinkable – what if North Korea is pushing a war trip harder than ever right now because the regime is really close to economic collapse? The unknown and scary parts about that idea are the events that will happen before the collapse.

    Three. Surprised that Jay-Z exposed his thin-skinned hand by reacting to critics of his Cuba trip through a song? You shouldn’t be

    Four. Why is President Obama pushing for austerity in America while telling Europe to do the opposite?

    Five. Rest in Love, Vincent Montana, Jr. You’ve meant so much to music over the years. We all love you…


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  5. In other words, Congress can pass bills to cut taxes and create deficits – like the Bush Tax Cuts or Medicare Part D as examples – then stop President Obama from raising the debt ceiling to pay for what Congress voted to spend.

    And we voted for such striking brilliance while hoping we can avert the so-called Fiscal Cliff

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  6. More about the “magical” voting machine that turns every vote for President Obama into one for Romney on MSNBC….


  7. This is America, and whether you vote for President Obama or Governor Romney this November 6 is ultimately your right, but why do some of you act as if the country has banned free education for the past 50 years?

    More about Leakey, Texas’ Pastor Ray Miller of Church in the Valley and his “Vote for the Mormon, Not the Muslim” sign from San Antonio’s KENS 5 News…



  9. Of course the minds of US policymakers are racing wildly over this photo.

    To date, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has visited Saudi Arabia—a country still smarting over the perception that the US threw longtime buddy and former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus during the so-called Arab Spring; received a warm welcome in China along with assurances of investment loot; stopped by the Non-Aligned summit to raise a few eyebrows; but still hasn’t set a firm date to visit the US despite an invitation by President Obama. Okay, it’s close to American Election Day…

    I can think of many different ways the next chain of events can play out based on the Land of the Pharaoh’s options, and all of them look ugly. Egypt can choose to be ho’d out by China and be considered a geopolitical (i.e. military) concern to the US and Israel, get back in bed with America – an idea that more than 80% of Egyptians may not be completely down with – or try its hand at Egyptian self-love with a US$ 25 billion national deficit, 40% of its people living at or below the poverty line,  and a population that looks ripe for another round of civil unrest. That’s not to say a happy ending is impossible for Egypt, but the road to to bliss going to be gruesome.

    This story is far from over…

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  10. You Birthers Need to be Hooked on Phonics…and History


  11. Ha, You can see the ‘thanks’ in Obama’s hug…

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  12. I may not be the world’s foremost communications expert, but I say the Obama campaign is in big trouble if they can’t simplify this message…


  13. It was during the Republican primary campaign season where Ann Romney kept her mouth shut as Newt Gingrich accused her Presidential candidate husband, Mitt Romney, of forcing Holocaust survivors to eat non-kohser meals in nursing homes.

    Now, President Obama talks about how Mitt made his Bain Capital loot and Ann can’t seem to stop talking. Draw your own conclusions…

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  14. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney changes mind about Obama healthcare mandate and considers it a tax to align with conservatives Baye Kambui Tumblr Mental Unrest

    I was going to only shake my head and mutter “stupid” in response to Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign blabber that Obamacare’s individual mandate represents a tax on the middle class, but I changed my mind—I won’t let him get away with it.

    Deconstructing Romney’s lie—or ignorant outburst—means you have to remember that:

    • If you already have an insurance plan from your employer, you can keep that plan. Therefore, no tax for you.
    • If you already receive government sponsored healthcare through programs like Medicare and Medicaid, No additional taxes apply to you either.
    • The remaining 20% of taxpayers without health insurance will receive a ridiculous amount of subsidy loot to buy insurance. Does that sound like a tax?

    This Kaiser Family Foundation analysis shows you would have a hard time finding a member of the middle class who will get taxed because of Obamacare.

    While we’re at it, this KFF guide will help demystify what the new health law means for you and your tribe—costs, tax credits and all.

    Romney’s latest foot-in-mouth episode not only reaffirms his Play-Doh personality, but it also sounds like the beginnings of pressurized whimpers. September will be fun… 

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  15. NY Daily News Photo of Supporters of immigration bill SB1070 Supreme Court Strikes Down all but one provision of Arizona's statute Baye Kambui Tumblr Mental Unrest

    I’m not sure how the Left and the Right can claim victory after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Arizona’s immigration law since the one state provision left intact by the High Court still pulls the country back to the days of those nasty state laws passed during Reconstruction to control newly-freed black slaves. Forgot about those? Here’s a reminder.

    This is bigger than a Latino issue. Hell, ask the South Asians. Plus the earlier Department of Homeland Security fears about Chechen terrorists walking among us tell me that any white person can be profiled.

    In other words, every part of Arizona’s law is anti-American in every sense or shade of the word…

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