1. From the 2012 campaign playbook: Betty Ryan Douglas, 78-year old Medicare recipient and Mother of VP Candidate Paul Ryan, will join her son on the campaign trail today to soothe seniors’ fears that her boy will destroy the same government program she benefits from.

    While Congressman Ryan may not be considered super rich, how many Moms do you know with sons or daughters who are worth US$ 4.5 million like our wannabe Veep? For context, the typical American family has a net worth of about 2% of Congressman Ryan’s wealth. The current course makes me think typical Americans have a shot at watching their net worth shrink even more.

    I’m sure Madame Ryan is not worried about Medicare at all…

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  2. Mitt Romney didn’t exactly fire Ric Grenell, who is gay, as his foreign policy spokesman. But when the religious right got wind of Grenell’s hiring, his job started to shrink.

    Bloomberg writer Michael Kinsley on Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s latest demstration of wavering opinions.

    It’s clear that Romney lacks the guts to stand up for his own principles, so how can you expect him to stand up for America?

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  3. I won’t joke about Larry Conners tonight; I just think it’s silly how even members of the news media still want you to believe that President Obama takes too many vacations.

    I thought that meme was found and shot a long time ago. Bush the Second and Reagan steered the ship during recessions and grabbed more vacation time than Obama has taken. I don’t get angry about Presidents going on vacation, although I’m laughing about how even Europeans are probably envious of the huge amounts of time Junior Bush and Reagan managed to take off from work…

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  4. Hillary Clinton Iran Nuclear Capability, Kambui Tumblr Blog

    This is not subtle stuff. The previous US policy was to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just scratched that idea and said the US will prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons capability.

    In other words, the US does not want Iran to have nuclear power, even though Iran’s program has not broken any international law – without Iran receiving more than a fistful of incoming missiles.

    Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allows for uranium enrichment up to 20 percent. All estimates say Iran has complied with that provision. Building a weapon requires 80% enrichment, but some will argue that an ambitious weapons fiend can make a less-efficient dirty bomb with 20% or less.

    Running with the rationale du jour means Brazil, Japan and South Africa could get bombed if they have cross words with the US since all three countries have nuclear power plants, tested their ability to make nuclear weapons but vowed to never build a nuke. At this point, Iran can wind down all activity and confine their research to one lab at the university of their choosing and still be eligible for a bombing campaign.

    Meanwhile, even President Obama and members of his team do not believe Iran is building a nuclear weapon.

    Do we just want to throw-down or what?

    After all this war talk, who would be surprised if Iran finally decided to build one?

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  5. It’s been funny to watch some of these politicians completely rewrite history now that you’re back on your feet…

    President Barack Obama United Auto Workers conference speech kambui tumblr blog

    From President Barack Obama’s address to the United Auto Workers conference today, where he dinged former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who predicted the demise of the auto industry if the federal government completed its financial bailout plan for Detroit. A pretty hard slap when you consider Romney’s Dad was a car guy…

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    (Source: politico.com)


  6. My Obama and Netanyahu Tweets

    My Tweet today:

    Reminds me of my Tweet three days earlier:

    The “crush” I referred to earlier will begin with a squeeze…

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  7. Yes, this video has Fox News analyst Charles Payne saying that the poor get gout so they must be living a good life. His quote REALLY deserves a dismissive “Charles Payne looks like he has gout” response but this is an election year…

    Go to McDonald’s with a dollar in your hand and ask the folks behind the counter what you can buy with it. You’d be surprised. Eat their “dollar items” often enough and you could end up with gout. We’ve learned a lot about food and health since the 1920’s, folks.

    One more thing - read this Columbia University study on the correlation between poverty and death…

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  8. New Gingrich

    I agree with @JBouie. I also think Newt Gingrich made the Bigots Club extra exclusive when he more or less pointed at Mitt Romney and told South Carolinian Primary voters “He ain’t one of us!”

    Independents and Moderate Republicans - consider this your heads-up.

    Read Jamelle Bouie’s American Prospect article on Newt’s SC primary win…

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