1. More about the “magical” voting machine that turns every vote for President Obama into one for Romney on MSNBC….


  2. This is America, and whether you vote for President Obama or Governor Romney this November 6 is ultimately your right, but why do some of you act as if the country has banned free education for the past 50 years?

    More about Leakey, Texas’ Pastor Ray Miller of Church in the Valley and his “Vote for the Mormon, Not the Muslim” sign from San Antonio’s KENS 5 News…



    I suppose it’s time for me to do my little part in 2012 and break down a few of these American Presidential election myths, so my first Tumblr target is whether or not tax cuts pay for themselves.

    Imagine you had a USD 100,000 business and a prospective business partner approached you with an idea to make money that required you to give up 10% ($10,000) of your company’s revenue as an investment, resulting in your business getting $2,200 percent of its money back after 5 years, and as a reward for your blessed patience, your business will realize an additional 10 percent return after another 5 years to bring your total 10-year return to $3,200, leaving your business in a $6,800 investment hole. One more thing – your business also stands to lose an additional 5 percent of whatever revenue you hoped to make by year 10.

    How long will it take for you to throw this fool out of your office?
    Peeps – this is exactly what the United States government gets out of a 10 percent tax cut, as analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office [PDF] in 2005 during the Junior Bush years.

    I’m sure a few of you smarties will tell me that the government is not supposed to make a profit and that the government should bite any bullet handed to its mouth if doing so helps the rest of the economy grow.

    The only problem with that idea is that the CBO analysis shows a maximum 1.1 percent boost to the economy, or $138 billion. And since the report was written in 2005, the corresponding GDP was $11.7 trillion, the 10 percent tax cuts cost more than $1 Trillion after 10 years, and basic math prevails…

    It’s also important to note that the CBO Director at the time of this report’s publication was Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican who was former Presidential candidate John McCain’s chief economic adviser.

    Next myth…

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  4. Mitt Romney didn’t exactly fire Ric Grenell, who is gay, as his foreign policy spokesman. But when the religious right got wind of Grenell’s hiring, his job started to shrink.

    Bloomberg writer Michael Kinsley on Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s latest demstration of wavering opinions.

    It’s clear that Romney lacks the guts to stand up for his own principles, so how can you expect him to stand up for America?

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  5. Is Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney correct when he said that median American income dropped by $3,000 during President Obama’s leadership?

    The Labor Department graph posted by Economix suggests that Romney’s claim is accurate, but the graph clearly shows that median income began its nosedive before Obama took his oath of office in January 2009, and stabilzed before the end of that year.

    This explanation unfortunately fits in that weird coupling of complex (economics) and simple (politics) I talked about two days ago…

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  6. No intro required…

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  7. Yes, this video has Fox News analyst Charles Payne saying that the poor get gout so they must be living a good life. His quote REALLY deserves a dismissive “Charles Payne looks like he has gout” response but this is an election year…

    Go to McDonald’s with a dollar in your hand and ask the folks behind the counter what you can buy with it. You’d be surprised. Eat their “dollar items” often enough and you could end up with gout. We’ve learned a lot about food and health since the 1920’s, folks.

    One more thing - read this Columbia University study on the correlation between poverty and death…

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  8. Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman gives the real dope about leveraged buyout folks like Mitt Romney - they offer no real societal economic value but they can help their small circle of clients and friends make lots of loot…

    Stockman also crystallizes the growing problem of Too Big To Fail banks, an issue none of the current Presidential candidates appear willing to address…

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  9. Mitt Romney is not necessarily wrong for saying that Americans should have the freedom to “fire” service providers.

    But saying he “Likes being able to fire people” strikes a raw nerve.

    I’ve had to fire people while managing my business affairs. It never feels good telling people they have lost a means of supporting their families, no matter how many times I did it. I’m sure others saw the same image I did after hearing Romney’s words.

    Package that message differently, Romney…

    (Source: youtube.com)