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    Via drum-taps: Charles Mingus — “Pithecanthropus Erectus”

    Pithecanthropus Erectus (Atlantic 1956).

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  2. Say Happy Birthday to Charles Mingus!

    I dig Mingus’ tune, The Clown, where he pulls off two tricks: giving a Jazz song an emotional, cinematic theme as well as delivering an important message to those who spend their lives trying to please others…


  3. Calvin Keys - Renaissance #Black #Jazz #Records (From TheJazzySu's YouTube channel)


  4. Yes, this video has Fox News analyst Charles Payne saying that the poor get gout so they must be living a good life. His quote REALLY deserves a dismissive “Charles Payne looks like he has gout” response but this is an election year…

    Go to McDonald’s with a dollar in your hand and ask the folks behind the counter what you can buy with it. You’d be surprised. Eat their “dollar items” often enough and you could end up with gout. We’ve learned a lot about food and health since the 1920’s, folks.

    One more thing - read this Columbia University study on the correlation between poverty and death…

    song currently stuck in my head: “primitive ohio” – rahsaan roland kirk