1. newyorker:

    Evan Osnos travels to West Virginia to investigate the recent chemical spill that left hundreds of thousands of residents without access to water, and looks at the coal industry’s political influence in the state: http://nyr.kr/1pxUQaf

    Photo Illustration by Spruce.

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  2. yagazieemezi:

    Mozambique activists protest against rape law

    Rights activists in Mozambique have marched through the capital Maputo to protest a colonial era law still included in new legislation that allows rapists to go unpunished if they marry their victims.

    The “marriage effect” clause sees convicted rapists given a five-year suspended sentence if they marry their victims and stipulates that the perpetrator should stay married to the victim for at least five years.

    Though it had fallen into disuse, the clause has been retained in a new legislation replacing the colonial Portuguese penal code of 1886, which is currently before parliament.

    But, in a country where women make up 40 percent of parliament, activists are outraged.

    International rights group Amnesty International has launched a campaign against the controversial legislation, leading similar campaigns in Algeria and Tunisia, where such laws also exist.

    Attack on women

    At the protest, a young woman dressed in a blood-spattered wedding gown led a group of about 300 mostly female protesters as they marched to parliament.

    "It is an attack on us as women," protester Aulzira Camacho told the AFP news agency.

    "Marry the rapist? No!" read a banner carried by another protester.

    The new penal code was rushed through parliament in December, where it was approved in a preliminary vote. It is now under discussion by special parliamentary groups before going back to the assembly for a final vote.

    The draft code also terms rape in marriage as adultery rather than an offence.

    Activists in the southern African country reject the text, where 12 percent of women fall victim to sexual abuse, according to 2011 health statistics.

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  4. The Unwinding by George Packer, page 353 - Wall Street has a unique way of showing who’s expendable…


  5. The Department of Health and Human Services says it won’t release [Obamacare] enrollment figures before November, but CNN has gotten a window on enrollment by canvassing the states running their own sign-up sites. As of Friday afternoon, at least 257,000 people had signed up for new insurance plans.

    More than half of those — 134,000 — are in New York state.

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  7. TANYA FREE - PODCAST - SEP 25 2013

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    Tanya Free & Friends podcast - Sep 25, 2013:

    • More congressional budget drama
    • Cutting food stamps
    • NRA’s idea to give more guns to the good guys
    • The death of Jonathan Ferrell by a Charlotte, NC police officer (“Four shots, pause; four shots, pause; two more shots.”)



  8. Joseph Lhota looks like The Mole from X-Men comics in this photo. Perhaps he’ll get the Marvel vote in his NYC Mayoral bid.

    The Mutant-Glam shot came from Robert Stolarik for the NY Times…

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  9. 50% I’m surprised that many got the Syria Question right…

    Via drhiphop:

    What the Public Knows - In Pictures, Maps, Graphs and Symbols

    from Pew Research

    The latest update of the Pew Research Center’s regular News IQ quiz uses a set of…

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  10. But…Eliot Spitzer is not in jail, and he’s running for NYC Comptroller.

    Read about the one big reason why bankers and the politicians they support do not want Spitzer back in government:



  11. US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) writes about America’s growing inequality problem in the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

    I guess there was no available real estate in the New York Times…

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  12. TANO - MAY 17


    One. I’ve asked some people during the past two weeks whether they prefer to be feared or loved and while I found the answers to be generally fascinating, I think a handful of these folks need professional help…

    Two. I dare you to read today’s NYTimes article on Syria, read this post I did nine months ago, and then tell me Syria does not look like 80’s Afghanistan all over again…

    Three. I’ve heard Congress say the word “Benghazi” more times this year than I heard the phrase “Economic recovery” or “Let’s create jobs…”

    Four. Here’s a simple solution to sorting out those sexual predators who pose as defenders of our freedom, while not giving women the freedom to say “No” – remind the generals of their responsibility to maintain a well-behaved group of soldiers and then tell them their pensions will be pissed down the sewer if they can’t keep the pervs under control…

    Five. Happy Born Day, Bill Bruford


  13. Says Dr. Cornell West to The Guardian (UK) about President Obama.

    If the subject matter wasn’t so serious, I would joke about how there’s nothing like a crisis to force those fabled post-racial green shoots to appear across the land. Oops…

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  14. Dang right I will, Senator Warren…


  15. Oh snap. Read…